Sunday, October 17, 2010

One of my passions


A form of art so overlooked, yet with so much potential.

Let me show you about a little game called Passage:

Absolutely breathtaking-- life represented with pixels. The first time I played it almost moved me to tears.

But, how many games of this kind we actually see? Let me get this straight: I love gaming in general-- whether is Halo, WoW or Mario Kart, but... why not going farther? Why not exploring all  that can be achieved?

Just a thought...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Introductory post

Hello, Blogger

It's been some time since I had the idea to write a personal blog where I can share my thoughts with everyone.

Life's been a little hard for me this last months and sometimes I feel like I need to distract my mind and leave everything else behind.

That's where writing comes in for me.

I feel that by writing -even if it is something small like a poem, or something big as a review- I can soothe the pain that comes from my daily life-- it is like letting the pain flow through my hands and take the form of letters.

Please bear with me if I don't write properly-- English is not my first language. I decided to write in English because I was somewhat afraid to be found by acquaintances or family, who think I'm a living a life I'm really not.

I'll happily read all of your comments and I really appreciate constructive criticism.